Palliative Care in India

Context: It is projected that approximately 20% of Indians will be elderly by 2050, marking a dramatic jump from the current 6% and there is likely to be a shift in the disease patterns from communicable to non-communicable, which itself calls for re-gearing the health-care system toward “preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health.” … Continue reading Palliative Care in India


A comment on Tipu Sultan’s death. 

Tipu was an autocratic or rather despotic ruler; by some accounts, he despised the Hindus (while also gave the support for Shringeri Temple and Ranganath Temple of Mysore ). He also wanted to impose the Persian language over Kannada. Having recognized those vices, Tipu was inspired by the ideas of the French Revolution. He wanted … Continue reading A comment on Tipu Sultan’s death. 

Will India abandon No-First-Use policy?

A nuclear strategist from the MIT, said, “There is increasing evidence that India will not allow Pakistan to go first.” Since then, there has been speculation among the strategic circles that India might reconsider its no-first-use strategy. Let us analyse the different aspects of it.  Evolution of India’s nuclear doctrine Homi Jahangir Bhabha, the pioneer … Continue reading Will India abandon No-First-Use policy?

What is best suited for India- Parliamentary System or Presidential System? Debate

Context MP from Thiruvananthapuram Mr Shashi Tharoor has started a debate as to why Presidential System is best suited for India. While some are taking his side, some others are disagreeing with his viewpoint. The opinion is divided. Some are providing alternate solutions. Let us examine some of the nuances of it. What are the … Continue reading What is best suited for India- Parliamentary System or Presidential System? Debate