Low testing rate for Corona Virus in India is not a problem

There has been a lot of criticism that lesser number of tests per million are being carried out in India. Blindly sharing Example of South Korea and USA is useless and not suitable for our scenario.

This comparison is like comparing apples and oranges.

I am of the opinion, making tests available to everyone is counter productive, especially because we know that we are still in stage 1 and 2. The positive patients are limited to people with known travel history and their first contacts.

If wide ranging tests are carried out, it risks squeezing limited medical resources and complicating the task of treating those in need of urgent. In fact, several experts point that the tests simply to reassure patients that they do not have COVID-19 should be avoided.

Many countries like Japan and Singapore didn’t do a lot of tests and still flattened the curve. So, other way is also possible.

Number of tests per million is not a good metric, the most important metric is what percentage of tested people are found positive. If more positive cases emerge then tests might not be as adequate.

In India, every positive person and all their contacts are being quarantined. This approach is done because infection prevalence is low while in South Korea, they had already reached a stage 3 of infection. The sources of infection couldn’t be traced anymore, thus, preferred a more wider approach of trace and isolate.

India is extending the testing capacity as we speak and getting ready to tackle the next stage. But, at the current stage allowing everyone to test is unbelievably expensive.

India has ordered a couple of million kits. Imported kits cost Rs. 5000 /piece and local ones Rs. 1200. So, its hundreds of crores for a few million kits.

Its not that easy for a developing country like ours.


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