A comment on Tipu Sultan’s death. 

Tipu was an autocratic or rather despotic ruler; by some accounts, he despised the Hindus (while also gave the support for Shringeri Temple and Ranganath Temple of Mysore ). He also wanted to impose the Persian language over Kannada.

Having recognized those vices, Tipu was inspired by the ideas of the French Revolution. He wanted to build a state on those ideas. He encouraged science which none of the medieval rulers had catered to and started to organize army on western lines to beat the enemy.

He was considered the biggest enemy of the colonial aspirations by the EIC. Tipu was also the pioneer leader who could discern that English had colonial interests. And with Marathas decimated already, Tipu was their sole enemy and very capable and inspiring leader at that.

He proudly declared “better die like a soldier than to live a miserable dependent on the British like other pensioned rajas and nabobs”.

He wanted to stop them by taking the French help, but unfortunately, before the help arrived, he breathed his last on this day, the Fourth of May, in 1799.

British literally had a free run till 1857 after his death.

For me, his virtues outweigh vices. After all, he is one of the foremost rulers who thought of Independence for India as early as 40 years into the British conquest.

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