Comment on Yogi Aditynanth’s elevation as CM

Separation of religion from political executive has led to the greatest welfare of the people and I thought we have come a long way from the medieval practice until UP happened.

Why a hardliner in matters of religion shouldn’t be at the helm of affairs?

1. They are clouded in their judgement because of a lot of yes-men around them.

2. They don’t take criticism and can’t think logically and reasonably.

3. They are arrogant in personal space and extremely populist none of which is suitable for administration of a state such as UP especially.

The signs are already showing.

  1. Waiver of farmer loans. Poor economic logic.
  2. Anti Romeo squads – Vigilantism and runs a risk of turning to moral policing. Don’t we already have the example of infamous Operation Majnu?
  3. Sudden and haphazard ban of slaughter-houses – which has already resulted in setting ablaze of meat shops which even police have no right to. Vigilantism again.
  4. A woman has been booked for writing a post criticising the CM. What has changed from UPA days? And don’t we see them every day on Rahul Gandhi or any other leader? Unbridled use of state power.

I don’t understand the supporters hailing a move to ban tobacco in Govt offices. It’s the easiest thing to do. And they shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place. Of course, something is happening, which is better than the previous regime which was way too lethargic and I do concede it is still too early to judge if he has or doesn’t have the mettle to bring systemic reforms for UP.

But, the light at the end of the tunnel looks dim to me at least.

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