Happy Women’s day to men and women

Facebook’s “On this day” feature is a great tool to reflect upon one’s own evolution in the thought process. For the last 7 years, every year I posted a status on March 8th for the women’s day.
Each one of them is different from the previous in terms of the thought process, and the one I hold now has further evolved into something that has moved away from wishing “a woman” – happy women’s day to wishing “one and all” a happy women’s day.
Allow me to explain. Bit long, but I hope the message will get conveyed.
The “idea of a woman” being separate from the “idea of man” for the biological reasons is why we have evolved a theory that “men are from the Mars and women from the Venus” thereby justifying the gender segregation in everything. 
The Dress we ought to wear – a woman has to wear only the prescribed clothes, Colour we ought to choose – Pink is for women and blue for men!
It doesn’t matter as long as it is for such inane things, but it percolates into things that have a tremendous impact on the mind and thought.
For example, the gender segregation in the work, tells that women are ought to bear kids and just look after their well-being, and to justify that society eulogises “motherhood” to a level which can’t be contended, any contention about it will raise questions – how can you even challenge that and thereby totally absolves the men of their equal duties to look after everyday essentials of a kid. 
Result: A woman remains at home, and men go out to rule the world.
And not to forget women ought to behave only in certain ways – anything else becomes a pollution or threat to “Maryada”. We set certain conditions and standards for men and women to behave in a certain way; beyond which becomes intolerable, even a slight deviation is not tolerated.
What has this brought to is women are the “weaker sex” and when a guy cries, he is chided saying “don’t cry like women”, or when a guy fights with words, “don’t fight like women” or when a woman asserts herself, she is trying to act like a man as if only men have the right to assert to power. 
This creates conflicts at the individual level as well as societal level consciousness; when a woman is breaking the shackles she is derided, called names and all kinds of threats are employed to stop her.
I’d even like to go to the extent to say that, rape is not an expression of repressed sexual desire, but it is the assertion of power by men or women alike who have these conflicts and cannot resolve them by themselves and think that they ought to show women/men their place.
A woman can be masculine and have traits that are generally associated with men; a man can have feminine traits that are generally associated with women. A man and woman are the same at the levels of consciousness separated by biology. 
A realisation of this has helped me to know that I am more feminine than some of my female friends, or some of my female friends are more masculine than I am. 
This realization can help us not to only solve crimes against women, but also helps us to not look down upon the people who have difficulty identifying their gender – transgender or hijras as we call them or the people who have identified their sexuality differently i.e., homosexuals. 
Feminists who fight for equal pay or equal rights and right for women to assert themselves could do better if they make more men and women realize this instead of exacerbating the conflicts by playing to the hypothetical division.
To end, Happy women’s day to all, it’s a toast to the feminine traits in you and not just the biological sex called women.

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