Jan 26, Independence day

Jan 26 is also the “Happy Independence Day.”

Allow me to explain the not so much celebrated fact here.

Though, freedom came to India on 15th August 1947, the thought of the complete Independence (purna swarjaya) was celebrated 17 years before on 26th Jan, 1930 with a resolution passed under Nehru at Lahore session of INC.

The day was celebrated by all the villages, cities across the subcontinent, announcements were made the traditional way with drumbeats, and flag was hoisted all across the country at the one same time even in the days of non-digital communication. The nationalists then spent the day in doing some construction work, with great gatherings everywhere, no speeches, no exhortations whatsoever.

The day of Jan 26th from then was celebrated as Independence day year after year.

However, when British finally left on 15th Aug 1947, the date was chosen by Mountbatten, because it was the second anniversary of the Japanese Forces surrendering to Allied forces in Second World War.

So freedom finally came on a day that resonated with imperial pride rather than the nationalist sentiment.

The auspicious day of Jan 26, the day that stoke nationalist aspirations and force the British to seriously consider giving up power could have got lost in the history. In order to not let that happen, the nationalists of the time delayed the enactment of the Constitution which was ready by 26th Nov 1949, to 26th Jan 1950, so that we could celebrate it as Republic day.

Today is Independence day as much as Republic Day. The single most important day for me or any patriotic Indian.

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