Not Gandhi. Not Modi. Not a bikini-clad model on Calendars- Khadi needs something else. 

​Who’s on the cover of KVIC calendars ( whether Modi or Gandhi or bikini clad model) is a non-issue. What’s an issue is who and how it is being handled!

Poor commentary on the social media on this matter. 

The constraints are all in the supply chain, and in the eternal poverty of the handloom weavers.

There are bottlenecks in yarn delivery, transportation, there is poor market knowledge leading to confusion about consumer preferences, imitations and dupes are galore which are sold in the name of Khadi. Despite reservation, power looms manufacturer Khadi lookalikes and sold in the market for cheaper prices.

There is again inadequate or rather no access to institutional credit, design-  intellectual property rights and technical services. 

Investment in entrepreneurship is the need of the hour. Khadi can flourish, when we market fine Khadi couture as an elitist luxury. Be able to bring innovations in Khadi market. Khadi Denims can be reality too.

Khadi is promoted as discount sale, or a rebate opportunity and ‘treated as charity’ not as “the world’s greatest fabric”, with USPs of being ecologically sustainable cotton cloth-making, unparalleled in the world, a unique competitive advantage for us in a time of all the big-talk around climate-change crisis. 

Khadi can flourish when the Government acts as a regulator only, registering and  protecting intellectual property rights around innovations in Khadi. At best, Government can declare Khadi as a “national garment”, rest all should be left to markets. 

All of the hoopla around it now, can boost sales only temporarily, and can’t be sustained. 

It’s not possible in the KVIC environment as present. We are missing a lucrative opportunity in non-issues that can be encashed big.

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