Bengaluru’s mass generalisation. 

​Note: Request you to read to the end before getting hyped up at me. I may lose a lot of friends with debate on such a sensitive issue. 

My love for Bengaluru is making me write this.


After the so called ‘mass molestation’ case I refrained from commenting. I was observing the narratives. 

There were several groups debating about the event.  


It started from a report of a photographer. 

To quote- several newspapers used – “Bengaluru’s night of Shame”,  especially the local Bangalore Mirror. 

And another news outlet said “Bengaluru which prides itself as a safe city for women, is not quite so.”

However, I think there is no data to support the headline ‘mass molestation’, apart from the photographer and news outlet which raked up the issue. 


I got a little worked up about the narrative being built. As headlines surface with words like “mass molestation”, we start to sympathise with the victims and start to find the culprits. To go with the mass thing, look, who are we blaming. 

1. Bengaluru and its men. 

2. Police incapacity.

3. Immigrants

4. Muslims- and with them an Arabic Medieval practice called Tahharush is brought up. 

5. Men as a whole.

All this, without an iota of evidence, is nothing but spin of words with some suitably taken pictures to stitch a story around. 

I don’t know any, what the media mentions as ‘credible evidence’ is about. There is no FIR, no reports by the victims. Point to me if there is one. I will stand corrected.

This is a dangerous precedent to set.

We are fuelling 

local-outsider divide,

 Hindu-Muslim divide, 

Men-Women divide, 

Citizen-Police divide, 

-with such a narrative, we end up creating a situation of anarchy.


For all I know, with its limited resources, BENGALURU CITY POLICE is extremely efficient, for, I follow them closely. 

For all I know, there are hundreds of festivals that happen around Bengaluru, the eat street of Bengaluru is always as crowded as this, we have Dasara Festivals, Kempegowda anniversary festivals, Annamma fair, and several others, where people gather in tens of thousands. I had been to the said street for new year’s eve for a couple of years on trot.

Bengaluru’s as safe as any other city in the world.


With this set background, read this sane report from TheNewsMinute which has done a tremendous job keeping their calm on the issue..


Let us stand with the police on this one, report any untoward incident if you know of. And identify the criminals by name, and then shame them, and incarcerate them. Without having to resort to shortcuts and find “mass culprits”. 


Blanket Generalisation is the easiest thing to do, and yields zero results. 

Kindly share to bring the frenzy blame-game under control.

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