100% reservation for Kannadigas for blue-collar jobs in the private sector. Is it a good policy move?

The Karnataka Government is pushing for 100% Quotas for Kannadigas in Blue-collar jobs in the private sector, this is a poor policy move.

For various reasons:

  1. Government has no business in meddling with who the private companies hire for production.
  2. The rationale behind this terrible move seems to be the assumption that migrants from other states are taking Kannadiga jobs. However, the correlation between migrants taking jobs and Kannadigas losing jobs is very weak, if not non-existent. There is no data to substantiate this claim of the Karnataka Govt.
  3. Migrants also create thousands of jobs by starting businesses or even providing Labor to the existing businesses which would allow Kannadigas to take Complementary jobs. They generate a lot of peripheral business activity. Real estate demand increases.
  4. Plus, it is not just about merit, it is about the wage, the time in which the person can be hired and several factors have a role to play. The migrant workers reduce the cost of production tremendously.
  5. Migrant workers bring complementary skillset which makes the Local Economy efficient.

We must resist such nativist tendencies, at least within our own country, else, Bangalore and India which are famous for textile mills and ready-made cloth industries, will lose more of our exports to Vietnam and Bangladesh and we have already slipped to third place in the global market.

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