Four Years of Nirbhaya

​December 16, 2016

It’s been four years since that horrific incident with Nirbhaya happened. 
While, the crimes against women are rampant all over the country and most of them go unreported, unrecorded and un-investigated let along going unpunished. Nirbhaya incident generated a massive outcry and public outrage, for the poor young girl had to suffer such brutalities and fought bravely through her gruesome injuries, became Nirbhaya for us. 
Four years later, nothing has changed. Instead of taking some serious governance measures to contain crimes against women, the objective of the government was to bide time till the attention of agitators gets diverted or exhausted. 
The same old thing, what I call “Mirage governance”, was at play. Established a committee under a judge, amended rape related laws. Created a Nirbhaya fund in the budget, of which nothing, not a penny has been spent constructively. Has been let to lay dormant in the coffers. Expedited this particular case, and 9 months later the four of the accused were handed a death sentence. 
Through all of which creating an illusion that government successfully addressed the issue, by taking to its conclusion “one particular instance of the rot.” Just one particular instance in an aggressive and pompous manner. 
The issue with offences against women indeed stems from fundamental weakness in the system. From registering a FIR to ensuring justice is delivered swiftly without a chance for influencing the system. Having strong security deterrence to ensuring witness protection. 
Despite outrage nothing was done. Mere superficial amendment of rape related laws. And yes “India’s daughter” is safe, we shouldn’t malign India’s image and India has less per capita rapes than western countries. 
Thanks, but no thanks, not looking for numbers.
 When will the conscience of the law makers and enforcers change?

#Nirbhaya #ReformsforWomenSafety


Some suggestions for reforms. 

The first thing I’d like is a 911 like call centre for everyone to report crimes from anywhere without having to reveal oneself.

 NCRB should start collating data on non FIR registered cases. 

And actions against all forms of sexual aggression instead of just focussing on rape. Gradation of offences has to happen. And then psychological counseling of the first time offenders.

 Tagging the places of crime and putting it in public fora, the need for duty bearers being sensitised with familiarity of law reforms and shift in perspective.

 one stop crisis centres. Vicitm counseling centres as a matter of procedural justice and not only on requests. 

so on and so forth.

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