How is Corruption treated in India vs China? – Anecdote.

In 2013, the Chinese Railway Minister, Liu Zhijun was convicted of corruption, who supposedly amassed $10mn, about Rs.60cr over a  25 year period. The punishment awarded to him was death sentence.

He was accused in early Feb 2011, by the end of the month he was suspended from the minister’s post. In May, he was expelled from the Party, and was placed on trial in March 2013. By July, he was awarded the death sentence.

For our ministers, the amount the Chinese minister amassed could well be just piffling.

Contrast this with our former railway minister who was given a 5 year-term in the same year 2013, for a fodder scam of 950 crores, but was given bail immediately on so-called ‘grounds of parity’.

You may well know about another former Railway minister of ours, whose nephew was caught red-handed in the minister’s own house taking bribe for a high level Railway posting, the minister was not even named in the charge-sheet, apparently he didn’t even know his nephew was taking bribe under his nose, in his house. By the way this was in the same year as 2013.

Similar cases, two different countries, two different ways of handling the issue.

The Chinese event versus ours is a rude reminder to us as to how casual we are in dealing with serious governance issues like corruption.

When will we wake to up a change?

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