Why is Kejriwal and the Congress are demanding the proof for Surgical Strikes?

​It doesn’t matter even if Surgical strikes didn’t happen or if such strikes have happened in earlier regimes, it’s not even about trusting Army’s word as Gospel. 

However it’s a different case that our army doesn’t lie, and has always accepted the facts.

  1. In 1962 war, they have conceded the defeat to China.
  2. In 1965, they have accepted truce with Pak.
  3. In 1971 they have accepted a huge victory. 
  4. In Kargil, they have accepted it was intelligence failure but then took a tremendous risk and won the war.

So they will never bluff to Indians if they haven’t done Surgical Strikes.

Anyways, that’s not the point at all. Most people are missing the real issue. 

The whole thing is about the “master strategy” of making the statement public, that too carefully worded one and through DGMO (Director General of Military Operations), and owning and ruling the narrativewhich has two benefits.

 Strategic and Political.

 benefit being, cornering Pakistan in it’s own perpetual denial mode and trapping it, because they  can’t sit back nor can they strike back now.
Suppose say, they want to strike back, who will they hit, and who will they send for attacking? Their Army? Why? If you do, you are war-monger. Therefore isolated internationally. 
Or they will send Terrorists? Good, if they did. That will prove they have nurtured terrorists. Because Indian Army killed only terrorists. Again isolation and more sanctions internationally.

If they sit back quiet, the likes of Hafeez Sayeed will rule the roost and mobilize the public, it would be chaos in Pakistan, and General Shareef is about to retire, it’s going to be blot on his otherwise spotless career, and Nawaz Shariff may lose the coming elections.

Political Benefit
being, the encashment of “attacking Pakistan and taking revenge” for votes in the upcoming elections of UP, Punjab. It’s a different thing if it will be the only deciding factor, it may not be, but has tremendous political benefits. Given that, one may not mind giving some credits to BJP for effecting the strategy with such precision. 

That’s a win-win for BJP as political party, and NDA as Govt of the day, and India as a whole.
I guess the AAP and Congress have realized it quite late about Political benefit going to BJP, that’s why one is demanding proof two days later, and the other is trying to dig old strikes that have happened under their regime to get it’s share of cake.

The details of such operations are not likely to be made public, as it may have severe security implications on our Army, unless due care is taken not to reveal operating style of the Army and their weaponry.

So my advice for those asking proofs would be is to come out of illusions, and work to score your political points elsewhere instead of doing politics over nationally sensitive matter. 

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