Greatest Judgements of the Supreme Court of India – Series

The Constitution of India, enacted in 1950, has been the cornerstone of India’s democracy, also noted by Granville Austin, an expert in Constitutional law.

Supreme Court stands as most important body of India’s constitution and by far Indian Supreme court is the most powerful of all the other highest courts in their respective nations.

Supreme Court is also the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution, is a custodian of our Constitution, and by it’s creative and far reaching interpretations has been the protector of the fundamental freedoms of Indians.

In a series of posts, I am going to list  cases in detail with their background, which I think are the greatest judgements.

As a maturing democracy, every common man of India needs to know these judgements, workings of the law and the judicial process.

Supreme Court of India also happens to be most trusted body in India with proud Indians having tremendous faith in the judiciary, which is proven right by the highest court in it’s judgements by showing ultimate jurisprudence in favour of a strong democracy and freedom of speech, right to life and extending it to include even the third generation fundamental rights.

Do stay tuned, and subscribed for the judgements in the following posts.

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