Habits drive our life.

About 20 days ago I started to learn how to drive a car.

The third day, when I tried to back the car out of the parking place near my house, it needed a hell lot of concentration on my part.

I had to unlock the door, adjust the seat, insert the key in ignition, turn it, move rear view and side view mirrors, look for obstacles, put the gearshift into reverse mode, release the hand brake, slowly remove the foot from the brake, keeping the wheels aligned, gauge the distance available, monitor oncoming traffic, releasing the clutch slowly, and accelerating a little. It was one heck of a task to do. I had to do every task consciously.

While today, I just went in, did it almost instinctively answering the call on the car’s Bluetooth. I hardly had to think.

The entire act has become a habit. And my mind saved a lot of energy. This little reflection on the difference between day 3 and day 20 has taught me a lesson.

Lesson of the story is, we can put ourselves in the auto mode with almost all the tasks if we make them the routine.. Learn the art. Repeat it until it becomes a habit. We can do anything effortlessly..

2 thoughts on “Habits drive our life.

    • Saiprasad Bejgam says:

      Hey! I did. Right after this post, someone suggested me to. I finished reading the book yesterday. Was thinking of writing a review in a day or two.


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