The choice of the word “Tolerance”

I have a problem with the usage of the word ‘tolerance’ in the debates going on, for me it connotes negativity.

What does one tolerate?
Nonsense, stress, pain, mistakes, corruption, unfavorable conditions.

We tolerate the “BAD”..
When something is good, where is the question of tolerance?

And tolerance, for me, is something like elasticity.. There might be a breaking point for tolerance and intolerance might result.

I guess correct usage could be “acceptance”,

But, we as a society have always ACCEPTED diversity, difference of opinion, we have accommodated something, we have given up something, we mended something. We have accepted!!

That’s why we can’t become intolerant. At best we can reject. Without physical violence.

That’s why we have rejected Aamir Khan’s or anyone else’s statement.

How have we rejected?

Some cursed them, some asked them to actually do what they thought at somepoint, some uninstalled Snapdeal, or the worst, a few burnt his ‘effigy’. (And hardly any of it would have reached or actually affected a rich celebrity like Aamir Khan)

If we were intolerant as society or a group, Charlie Hebdo incident would have resulted..

So we aren’t intolerant. Stop using that damn word

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