The best discussions in India in the recent times.

Right at the time it was beginning to worry me about our English TV debates, We have just had two awesome debates/discussions in between. More power to the people who organized them. Let us have more of such. The links are below.

Judiciary vs. Executive [ Justice Lodha and Rajeev Dhavan vs. Arun Jaitley and Soli Sorabjee. ]

This debate hosted the best legal luminaries in India and is by far is the best debate to have happened in the recent times, and awesome part of it , Arnab Goswami played a second fiddle and accommodating.

Chief Economic Advisor vs. RBI Governor. [Arvind Subramanian vs. Raghuram Rajan]

This was more or less sort of discussion between two personal friends and professional adversaries for their role descriptions and working towards a common goal. The discussion is hosted by Prannoy Roy, who looks like an uninformed and prejudiced bloke throughout with his needless interruptions. Yet, this is equally best one as the first.

Do spare time to listen to them carefully and make notes and highlights especially if you’re preparing for civil services.

2 thoughts on “The best discussions in India in the recent times.

  1. Sonali says:

    thank you for recommending to watch this.
    i could jot down notes for almost everything. i used blue pen to write Arvind’s points and black for Raghu’s.
    i expected the economist in prannoy to awaken and ask better questions.
    This man yapped unnecessarily.

    i not only enjoyed hearing their views but also the way both them diplomatically at many places snapped at prannoy and some places directly snapped at him. Arvind did that more often.

    All said, it was enlightening to hear their well articulate thoughts.


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