Tolerance vs Intolerance Debate

This is one line argument that I have not come across in any of the debates going on in India over ‪#‎tolerance‬ vs. ‪#‎intolerance‬.

Those who are returning the awards, are repeatedly heard citing “crippling of free speech and expression” and “curbing of religious freedom” by the State, as the reason for their protest and are therefore declaring India as increasingly becoming intolerant.

However, Indian Constitution guarantees both of them through Fundamental Rights of Part III, Article 19(1) and Article 25 respectively. If, one is so much concerned over their rights being curbed, we also have the provision as a part of Article 32 of our Constitution where you can move Supreme Court directly and unlike other issues, the case of deprivation of Fundamental Rights are heard and answered faster.

It is conspicuous absence of this line of debate makes me think the protest about intolerance is all gas but no substance..

Rebuts are welcome. Do share, if it makes sense.

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