Beef Ban – Confusing Steaks.

For starters, define, what is “Beef”, for once, it is really confusing for me to understand what is banned in what state.

I just found that, about 24 states have a ban on cow slaughter, while some have blanket ban on other milch too, some ban only cow slaughter, some allow cow slaughter if they’re old with a “fit for slaughter” certificate, some states don’t need a certificate as such. Some states have no ban at all. It is very confusing and not a good practice to have so many differences.

I have observed among many of my Muslim friends, that they don’t eat cow meat or slaughter cow out of respect for Hindu brethren, and in my village and town it is practiced as a social norm from ages despite having no ban on any kind of slaughter in my state. However, in some states like UP, I hear that there is a lot of chest thumping done where one slaughters cow deliberately and go around doing hullabaloo about it.

So, cut the hyperbole and make a nation-wide law, defining what beef is, and if you want to stop slaughtering of cows, clearly define what kind of cows can’t be slaughtered, however, I believe resorting to methods like spreading of awareness among those who don’t understand the respect Hindus give for cow is the best way to go about it,  I am sure, Muslims want to live in as much peace as Hindus want to live in India and they respect other religions as much as they command respect for their own.

As a reward, Govt can look at how to privatize slaughter houses that Municipal corporations run, and modernize the abattoirs, away from public markets, where other milch like water buffalos could be butchered in peace without hurting anybody’s sentiments. Everyone will be happy that way.

I know, you guys at BJP want to be seen as champion of these kind of issues for a solid vote-bank, despite Congress imposing all of the bans so far and now Congress wanting a pie of it. But, let us keep public interest first to stop from incidents like Dadri lynching happening.

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