Jayanthi remains, ‘Gandhi’ no more.

Gandhi – Bapu , Mahatma was an embodiment of principles and virtues. He was a human who lived the life of a Mahatma. Today, on his birth anniversary, thousands among us including me, like the above line, will sing his praises ad infinitum and hundreds will criticize spelling out their own version of judgements ad nauseam.

The truth is, everyone loves Gandhi, albeit, on the currency and in today’s India, Bapu’s legacy does remain.

Read to know.

  • Civil disobedience   Yes, we still practice Civil Disobedience, We promptly disobey traffic rules – jump signals, all kinds of laws, and yes, we refuse to pay taxes too, now not just on salt but everything. You know how much black money India has right?
  • Non-cooperation. During the freedom struggle, Congress party launched Non-cooperation Movement to not let British carry out administration, and post independence Gandhiji wanted to dismantle Congress though party remained. And they’re making sure they stand by their values, look at recent Parliament sessions to see how dedicatedly Congress has upheld this strategy of our Bapu.
  • Quit India. Oh! Yes, I can’t count on my fingers, the number of my classmates, juniors, seniors leave India or left India come the beginning of spring and fall, to pursue their higher studies, for a better life, or a better employment and they seldom return, if they do, only a few. Yes, the great Indian Brain-drain.
  • Cleanliness next to godliness . Until a fellow Gujarati as Gandhiji started a Swachch Abhiyan, it wasn’t even a matter of public debate, our movies continued to show open defecation as a picnic of the morning. Oh, not to forget, the Abhiyan also turned out to be majorly a photo op for celebrities, not that it changed the attitude, we will continue to preach Gandhiji’s ideals.
  • Freedom struggle:- How many splinter groups want to separate themselves from India?  The Maoist insurgencies on the east, the Naxalites in the forest belt continue to fight for freedom, separatists in the Kashmir, and the internet warriors for Free speech, all are fighting for freedom. We are consistent.
  • Non-violenceAfter the mob lynch yesterday over cow meat being eaten, many have condemned the event, yes non-violence exists.
  • Protection of Cows:  The less I speak about the matter, the better I guess. Otherwise, I will be called names by either groups.

So, his legacy remains in India, hence we celebrate today with a general holiday.

Hey btw, IT folks, happy long weekend, must be enjoying with salary on the first and an immediate extended weekend. What a double fun it must be. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, wherever you’re Happy Jayanti, Gandhiji.

Now are you confused with the title – “Jayanthi remains Gandhi no more.”? Think about it.

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