#ModiInUSA, what India is talking, what should be talked about?

My dear popular fan pages, and so called Indian intellectuals please don’t spoil the political discourse with your unwanted worthless populist propaganda.

What needs to be talked and criticized is not about Modi’s presence of mind to take Mark Zuckerberg into the frame while on stage by pulling him beside or about the reused code for “I support Digital India” picture; please, it doesn’t secretly take your vote for internet . org or against Net Neutrality. It is just a html division and redundant code.

Instead let us talk about UNSC reforms, whether Modi’s decision of joining hands with G4 countries to call for reforms is good or bad?

Let us criticize him for going G4 way, while India being the most deserving candidate, this might undermine our claim. Also might further delay the reforms as the other Coffee club countries will start claiming their berth too.

Or praise him for initiating the text based reforms within a stipulated time frame despite opposition from China, Russia and Pakistan for the first time in Intergovernmental history.

Or let us talk about why time frame wasn’t announced for the Wi-Fi hotspots in railway stations, and other policy details not being made public as to how the selection would be made and what kind of contract will be given to Google or Microsoft?

Or may be about how useful the tech giants of Silicon Valley could be to Indian startup ecosystem. Let us appreciate Modi for challenging the popular brain drain theory and actually calling it brain gain, or criticize him over this as to how it is a brain gain and not drain?

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