A case of distortion of History

Been sometime, I wrote on blog, as I had my exams coming up. Here is my first post after long gap.

We all have been shoved upon us with the information that Hitler is the worst killer or human in the history. (Read this, I have got a different point of view)

But did you know that he wasn’t so. He was quite a religious man, and followed his religion ardently, he was so much concerned about Animals too, he brought a law against animal slaughter and animal protection. Read his book Mein Kampf for the religious references. How can such a religious man and God’s son do what he is accused of.

Did you know that Hitler had many a Jews in his army, if he were to kill them, why would he employ them in army at all? The point is he never wanted to Kill them, he just created containment camps for Jews not DEATH CAMPS. If he really wanted to kill he would have written it in his Autobiography right?

He encouraged healthy youth activities and social programmes to enhance cultural pride and individual self worth, such as sports and recreational activities. He encouraged men to be men and women to be feminine. He helped develop beauty, cleanliness and pride back into the German people.

What Hitler achieved as a leader is unparalleled, when Hitler’s period as Chancellor of Germany began, the German people had no work, no money and were starving, he brought an independent currency as one of first measures. That is why Germany was able to get back on it’s feet and flourish as all nations should.

And the bloody Jews have distorted the history and made us believe that Hitler was what he is seen as today. History has done much injustice to the pious man Hitler.

As you finish reading this, you must be thinking WTF did this guy write?

Exactly, that is how History can be distorted, I felt the same way when I read the Whatsapp forwards and the Facebook shares being made by some sane men regarding “Aurangzeb”. As much as what I wrote above is wrong, the messages that are being circulated are wrong too.

Aurangzeb was no hero just as Hitler wasn’t – like he is being made out to be through these polarizing messages, and the period Aurangzeb ruled (1658-1707) is relatively modern period and the history has been properly documented. There isn’t an iota of doubt that he was brutal and no benevolent ruler.

Don’t mislead people by selective highlighting.

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