IIT Madras controversy of APSC de-recognition – an Insider account.


Here is an insider’s account on the IITM issue.

I received few calls asking what is happening here. I was following up this issue from the morning but never realize that it would become 3rd most trending on the Twitter. Here is my take and honest opinion about it.

1) Is it so serious issue?

Not at all. There is a student group by name Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC) in IIT Madras. They often organize several talks and debates on the social issues. Good thing. They are critical of the Modi and Hinduism. That is also fine as everyone has a freedom of opinion and speech. But the way they do it is the real concern. They have been very notorious from the day of this group’s inception. When other groups in the campus publicize their events adhering to the regulations and with utmost modesty, these guys like to call for road-side debate all the time. It is most of the time full of hatred towards one community and one-liners put out of the contexts. If you read the pamphlets they distributed, the picture will be very clear. Now on one such incident, one insti student contacted the HRD ministry to take appropriate measures against such activities. One must note that MHRD only asked for the explanation and did not pass any order to the IITM. IITM authorities found the club was misusing the privileges and derecognized them.

This is the whole story in nutshell. The immature and childlike APSC folks however retaliated and went all against this decision through the media. This was an internal matter and could have been solved through discussion post ban but few like to make issue out of nothing. This is exactly what they have done.

2) So it must be about the anti Modi comments and stand, is it not?
Big no again. As I said, the group is notorious already. The comments on a particular religion and community made many people feel bad. There is always a good harmony in the campus until these people jump in from somewhere. This has happened in the past for several times. There is nothing wrong in talking against establishment. But as we see now a days, any issue from somewhere and somehow will be made against Modi and BJP.

3) So what the fuss?
This group folks are doing exactly what they have come together for. You poke others. Disturb harmony of their life and when he backlashes, you cry so loud so that every other person around (MEDIA) comes to console you. These folks are not lesser than coward. The immature souls of IITM. I have been a volunteer of one of the active groups of IITM for last 3 years. My group has also faced few problems with the admin but rather than doing such nasty things we discussed and resolved it. And now the biggest fool of the country RG has started twitting about it without knowing the matter.

4) So what next?
I think IITM did the right thing. What other should understand is media just lashes on whatever they get. If it is anti Modi, it is the best news they can get. If it is not, they make sure it becomes. We can hardly help the media suffering by #AntiModiSyndrome‪‬. I would like to tell everyone that, there was a group which broke the code of conduct and action is taken by IITM. It has nothing to do with Modi or BJP and yes, RSS for that matter. One should get to the facts before forming the opinion. It is assured that whatever media shows is utter non-sense.


Dissent and Derecognition – The APSC issue

What is the recent controversy on IIT- Madras all about? Is the ban related to the Government or just another Media Propaganda?

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