Indian Agriculture – has a bad mix of numbers.

The state of Indian agriculture can be gauged by these numbers. Have a look at them.

  1. Agriculture still is the biggest employer for our population, accounts for 54.6% of total employment.
  2. In 2013-14, the share of GDP by agriculture is 13.4%, while the decreasing share is good, as it indicates we are moving more towards Industrialisation, but 54.6% accounting for only 13.4% is very bad ratio to have.
  3. Average landholding size in India is approximately 1.16 Hectares.
  4. Our population growth per annum being 2.1% , our food grains growth is 2.5%, means we are nearly self-sufficient,
  5. India ranks first in productivity of Grapes, Bananas, Cassava, peas and papaya.
  6. Yield of our food grains on an average has increased by more than three times. Used to be 552 kg per hectare in 1950-1951 and 1703 kg in 2004-2005
  7. Wheat’s yield in particular has increased significantly by 4 times i.e., 400%
  8. While maximum area is under Pulses, and maximum output is of Pulses, India ranks 138 in the list of yield of Pulses in the world. Since independence yield of Pulses has only increased 35%.

The lower levels in terms of crop yields shows that Indian Agriculture has enormous potential to grow by adopting better agricultural technology. Too much labour is occupied in Agriculture where their landholding is very small for them to invest more in the agriculture.

It is high time we take land reforms strictly and implement them by handholding if required, introduce more technology in agriculture, and better , if such technology comes from Indian industries or Made in India.

2 thoughts on “Indian Agriculture – has a bad mix of numbers.

  1. DuckyDuck says:

    We have been trying to pursue land reforms from 1966 aren’t we? But, it has led nowhere because of the decadence of Indian political system. And to by pass this complex problem we took the help of Green Revolution and that lead us to the sorry state of affairs we are now muddled in.

    So, what do you think we can do better to implement land reforms in India?


    • Saiprasad Bejgam says:

      Land reforms have been introduced, but none of them had the necessary political will. For example, in the tenancy reforms , they had a clause of “Voluntary surrender” and this made sure powerful landlords used force to evacuate poor tenants. Land Ceilings they applied ceiling of land holding per landholder instead of family, so all the land was transferred to family members and relatives to escape.

      According to me the root is in improper land records, so the digitization of Land Records should be finished as fast as possible, once we have updated and records, re-introduce all the land reforms once again with stricter measures if someone circumvents the law. I am sure that will free atleast 5-10% of land.

      And conduct a case study how Consolidation of Land holdings became successful in Punjab and Haryana, take similar steps rest of the places where agriculture suffers from lack of investment.


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