Make in India at Hannover Industrial Fest.

India is partnering with Hannover Industrial fest this year and making a pitch for companies of the world to set up their manufacturing centers, R & D centers in India.

Hannover fest is World’s biggest industrial fair, which was started in  1947 in Germany post Second World War by British for economic development of the war-torn Germany. It has been highly successful ever since and every year an industrial fest is held in April, while we participated in these in previous years as well, but never before with such vigor, never have we promoted and marketed ourselves so aggressively.

Never have world looked at this festival in such awe before. Watch this amazing goosebumps-giving video at opening of the festival showcasing the Indian Art, Culture and Heritage before calling-for “Make in India”

Apart from this, while only a representative from center represented us, this time Modi wanted all the states to participate and show what they have got to offer for the companies of the world. This is in tune with the competitive and cooperative federalism.

The pitch for “Make in India” is not just a slogan or brand now, but a national movement, sends out a clear message that India is ready and open to embrace the world with a slew of labour reforms, rational tax regime, stable, predictable transparent measures, international accounting standards, e-governance initiatives like single window clearances.

Apart from Make in India, other initiatives like Skill India, Digital India, Smart Cities are being briefed to the world, we could use the German technology in realizing them and in employment generation for the vast and growing demographic dividend.

Note For UPSC aspirants, this video would be very important, identify the dances, shlokas, architectures shown in the video and make notes on them.

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