Broom pushed to the corner or is it Disintegrating?

Coincidentally today is the 49th day after AAP has formed Government and many have already started calling today as AAPril Fools day. Today the streets of Delhi are filled with filth and garbage which has reached its peak; you literally can’t take a stroll on the roads.

In the streets of Old Rajender Nagar, I was on my bike; ahead of me were two more people and an Innova in front. It looked like a traffic jam; I instinctively took a left turn into a parking lane, so that I could pass once the traffic got cleared. But, what turned out was shocking and respite to me. I lauded myself for my so called sixth sense, and empathized with the people who were ahead of me.

Innova’s tyre got struck in the garbage dumped on the street, and it couldn’t move, driver raced to get the struck tyre out of garbage, and all the wet garbage dumped on road hurled on to the bikers behind Innova. I couldn’t see the state of those neatly dressed men. I was in two minds, to be happy because I escaped it or to be sad at their state, where, I could have been too if not for a last minute turn into the parking lane.

What is happening in Delhi?

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi workers are on strike for not having received their salaries from a few months. (The MCD is formed by BJP) In what was a shocker of a statement, CM of Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal asked them to approach central government for the shortage of funds. He chose to distance himself from garbage, saying it is BJP Governed MCD’s responsibility. It is not only an irresponsible statement but also shows his leadership skills.

It may be true that, it is ruled by BJP, but, aren’t the citizens of Delhi his direct responsibility? Shouldn’t he look after Delhi’s people as he is the head of the Govt in Delhi? Aren’t Safai Karmacharis citizens of Delhi? Instead of sitting with all the stake holders and coming out with a recovery plan and a solution to avoid the problem in future, he chooses to play party politics.

Ironically, AAP has chosen broom to symbolize cleaning as its prime agenda, cleaning the system of corruption, cleaning streets of filth. But the events that have happened in past fortnight show otherwise, the “K” word, poaching of MLAs, communalization of  votes, making fake calls in the name of leaders of other parties, his party members sleeping around with the volunteers (though an accusation still), scrapping internal Lokpal, throwing out the party members who asked questions.

After all this, there are people still saying, poaching is political realignment, the ‘K’ word is common man’s slang, the people who questioned strategies are anti-party men, (as if party is above the need for clean politics), and the evergreen line they say is “at least he is doing something.”

So, in some way, even I’m compelled to call it AAPril Fools day for the people of Delhi.

Surely AAP looks like a party with a change for a change, and change seems to be bad! Period.

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