Vogue empower is not real Women empowerment.

Ah! Miss Deepika Padukone is out all guns blazing in the news. This time with a video on feminism. I am not entirely sure, if she’s comfortable with someone addressing her with her second name as it is her father’s name who is a male too. I guess it may not be to her liking, though she conveniently used it to become popular and rise to higher ranks in Bollywood.

Well, she’s right throughout the video, all of that she chose to say that are her choices, are her choices anyway. They are obvious things, the sexual urges, sexual orientation, relationships are one’s choices. And who is imposing them on her; we all know how many relationships she has had, who stopped her from having them? Is she socially ostracized for that?

I am not also sure who the target audience of this video is, the readers of Vogue magazine or the users of Vogue Fashion brand, because, the women who really need to be empowered may not even understand her language and expression at all.

Well again, it is her choice to convey what she wants in the name of women empowerment, for whatever remuneration she has accepted from Vogue, who are we to criticize?

While she gave her definition of empowerment, let us be clear what should real empowerment mean?

So here are few examples that I think are really empowered women.

1. A certain Arunima Sinha, who after being handicapped didn’t lose her hope and became first physically challenged to climb Mt. Everest (Search for her talk on YouTube)
2. A certain Bhakti Sharma swam in the chilling ice of Antarctica, to become one of the world’s best.
3. A certain Indira Nooyi went on to become CEO of Pepsi Co.
4. A certain Kiran Bedi, Justice Ruma Pal.
5. A certain actress like Priety Zinta who stood by her word and took against Don Chhota Shakeel when her good male colleagues backed out.
6. A certain Saina Nehwal and many more.

The empowered women need not be among the celebrities only.

A woman in armed forces; a woman working in male dominated projects in IT Companies; a woman who comes to town from village to sell vegetables; a teacher going out to teach good values and inspire 100s of students; a woman who choose to go to foreign countries for education; a woman who can exercise her choice to marry who she wants to; even a housewife who rears her children to make them good citizens and knows her rights; are all empowered women.

In short, any woman who is mentally strong, financially independent, knows her power as to what she can do is an empowered woman.

While, if Deepika thinks infidelity, polyandry, homosexuality, male harassment are indicators of women empowerment, so be it, for her. I rather think it is not feminism or empowerment but is femi-nazism.

3 thoughts on “Vogue empower is not real Women empowerment.

  1. Hitesh says:

    Hi saiprasad, I was diverted to this article from a link posted on Quora by Prashant Dinkar.
    I was going through the article and I couldn’t construe what actually you meant to say in the article. I am going to be critical of some of the opinions you have expressed in the article.

    First and foremost in the first paragraph you mention Ms. Padukone of using her fathers name to climb up the ranks in Bollywood. I did not understand whether you are trying to point out her Family name Padukone which she got from her father or Mr. Prakash Padukone. Which one did she use? . Moreover are there any facts that prove mr. Prakash Padukone helped her to climb up the ranks in Bollywood.

    The second paragraph is not in sync with the theme you have chosen for the article. This is my opinion because I was not able to relate it with the theme of the article.

    In the third paragraph you assume that only poor and downtrodden women need empowerment because they are the one who are suffering. However this is not the case. Women across the spectrum need empowerment. may she be from the upper class or lower or from higher caste or lower caste. It may be that the video is intended to target higher class which still does not give working women the required recognition in business,in professions, in politics.

    Futhermore the 4-8 paragraphs are well written. No comments.

    In the ninth paragraph you have just are sprinkling some words like, ” infidelity, polyandry, homosexuality, male harassment ” of that “polyandry ” is not used in the right context. polyandry means society giving permission for more that one husband. This system is prevalent in India since ages. however what is wrong in the video #Mychoice to enjoy extra marital affair. This is certainly wrong because it rejects the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

    I hope you take the comments in a right context. If you feel the comment is not relevant you can delete it. It is not meant to offend, but to help you better organise your thoughts.


    • Saiprasad Bejgam says:

      Hello Hitesh,

      I am glad you chose to comment and be a critic, what’s life without criticism anyway?

      1. It is a well known fact, how influential second names get people roles in movies. Her acting career in advertisement in Kannada was no different. I have no links to support it. Though she is talented, there isn’t a second opinion about it.

      2. I don’t see any deviation, may be you can choose to read it again.

      3. I didn’t talk about caste levels or class levels, it was about education levels. Education is the most important criteria for empowerment, according to me. But, I need to agree that, I didn’t explicitly mention it.

      4. Yes, the choice of the word “Polyandry” was wrong, I chose it in negative connotation like Polygamy. Should have avoided it.

      Every comment is taken in good spirit, I have just started expressing my views, hardly 8-9 months ago, so everything that comes my way is a lesson for me to become better. I agree, there is a lot to work upon my vocabulary and organization of thoughts.



  2. Hitesh says:

    I really appreciate your spirit, you really took it very positively. I will be looking forward for articles from your sides. Cheers.


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