Happy Women’s day

In feudal times, when agriculture was the main occupation, when more of physical work was required and wars were fought physically, it was then considered women to be inferior for their lesser physical capabilities and also as they used to be incapacitated during the pregnancy. But the times have changed, in modern times, we are a knowledge economy and industrial economy, where most of physical work is done by the machines. There is no need for discrimination.

Yet, if you see someone discriminating women on the weaker sex theory, you can be sure that they are a thing of the past, they’re uneducated and still sulking in feudal mindset.

There have been established studies that, in matters of memory, intelligence, and thinking; women are in no way lesser than a man. In theory and in experimental studies, gender has no influence on IQ. Case in point, my mom, who couldn’t complete her graduation, is way smarter than me and my brother put together, in her 40s, she is quicker learner than I am. Even today, she would beat me in the game of chess fair and square. She is meticulous planner and perfect executor.
Apart from IQ, in today’s world EQ is a greater and better metric for judging one’s probability of success, and it is a well studies suggest that an  average woman scores a notch higher in EQ than an average man. That’s the reason you’d find more of women HR managers than men.

In India, there is slight bit of inequality between women and men, the reason is quite straight forward – 60% of us are still dependent on agriculture and which is still majorly not mechanized yet. Apart, from this, even women in some places want to take the undue advantage of being one (raising number of false cases of sexual harassment) for promotions, salary benefits or whatever they want, which again becomes reason for the increasing discrimination. As a man, you can’t fight that, they will be branded chauvinists; it is good women’s responsibility to take care of such elements for larger good of women.

Apart from this, in today’s world, women, even if she is getting married to a well salaried man, shouldn’t compromise on her education and job. I always keep telling my female friends, not to leave their pursuit for higher education and their jobs if they’re getting married. I am proud to have such friends who are exploring new avenues in foreign territory all on their own. And I always make sure, I convey it to them.

Also, some women tend to become too much dependent emotionally on friends, boy-friends, and husbands which is wrong, higher ambitions and aspirations will make sure, you’re not dependent one.

Another issue which needs to be addressed these days is women leaving jobs for raising kids, it is Luddite thinking, there are enough maternity benefits and leaves for that and it is experimentally proved with overwhelming statistics that a working, confident woman raises her kid better than a woman restricted to four walls of house engaged in household chores and daily soaps. The confidence trickles down to the kid from mother.

Some men, call brave women as heroes, I have always preferred to call them She-roes. So to all those she-roes a happy women’s day.

My role models from previous generation are Kiran Bedi, Indira Nooyi. And from today’s generation, there are many, to point out in precise, Bhakti Sharma and Arunima Sinha.
Do look up, who they are, if mainstream media hasn’t told you.

One thought on “Happy Women’s day

  1. Sonali says:

    about women using tricks to get promoted, very true!
    i myself saw some women who were less deserving get promoted just because they wanted to show women representatives on the cards. they should be accommodated but must not compromise on quality.

    and emotional independence. i try hard to brainwash women around me to be emotionally independent. This is why women take longer period to move ahead with life in times of crisis.
    and what annoys me is well educated and literate women do not dream big because to many marriage is not only means to happiness but end by itself.
    I’ve known guys move out of their city for their wives. and some women happily give up their jobs because they think i need not earn anymore. This is a bigger threat to man and womankind!


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