Wondering why is it raining at this time of the year?

Anyone wondered why it’s raining now, at this time of the year? It is definitely not the Mungaru Male, i.e., first rain of the season.

I started wondering too. I am in Delhi now, at first I thought it might be a common phenomenon here every year; however, localities said it is not. When I spoke to a friend of mine in Jammu, he said it was raining there too; it made me curious, so I checked with people in Hyderabad and Bangalore too.
Voila! It is raining from Jammu to Bangalore, at an odd time of the year, and even certain semi arid parts receiving a good 30-40mm of rainfall is a rare phenomena.

Meterological experts too say it is a rare phenomena. Usually, northern parts of India would receive rainfall due to western disturbances which is an extratropical storm brings precipitation at odd times, but that doesn’t occur in late February or early March.

This system is a different cyclonic storm, albeit a western disturbance as well, but different from regular western disturbances which usually begins circulation near Rajasthan, this has started a little down south near Gujarath- Saurashtra and Kutchch, that made winds rush in from central Arabian Sea, and to a lesser extent from Bay Bengal, intensifying the rain. This may last throughout Monday in most parts of India and Tuesday in some parts before it blows off..

Since most parts of India are wet now, beginning of summer’s heat would get delayed by another few days. So expect a lower than usual temperature on Holi and enjoy the colors. Happy Holi in advance..

Unfortunately, the cost of onions and grapes which had started to reduce in the last week, coupled with the odd time rain and fuel price rise, expect the prices to go up by few rupees.

This infographic might be of some use to you to understand more about it.


Image Source:TOI

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