Indian James Bond.

Ajit Doval, the National Security Adviser, is the India’s answer for the James Bond, of course without those flashy cars, sexy women, extravagant weapons around.

He is THE LEGEND in the world of intelligence, and Pakistan’s ISI literally had jitters when he was appointed the NSA last year.

The recent crack downs and the achievements he has accomplished go unnoticed, and is totally the unsung hero of India.

Just thought, at least I could relist his recent achievements.

1. Corporate Espionage in the Petroleum and Finance ministries

2. Aid worker Alexis Prem Kumar who was abducted in Afghanistan by Taliban is brought back to India.

3. The suicide bomber boat, off Gujarat Coast on the New Year’s Eve.

4. The recent recovery of Black money stashed abroad based on the inputs from Ajit Doval.

5. Though unsaid, probably it is his expertise that has dethroned Mahindra Rajapakse, the former Sri Lankan President.

Though 69, he is like one of the kinds of soldiers we see in movies, who is always on toes and says, “Next project Sir” as soon as he finishes one. It will be interesting to see India’s progress in the arena of security in the coming years especially given the threats we seem to have from exported terrorism, and Paki sympathizers.

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