Kiran Bedi’s open letter and my response

Kiran Bedi happened to write an open letter to us fellow Indians.

Here it is,

I, as a fellow Indian felt should write a response.

My response to Kiran Bedi’s Open Letter.

No matter if you were opportunistic as called by someone who himself fought three elections in a year, no matter what number of attempts you took to pass civil services, no matter if you by yourself towed PMs car or if it was a cop under you, no matter if you had oratory skills or not, no matter if some third grade stupid passed sexist remarks on you, no matter what…

You are the first ever woman to become an IPS, you did it at a time when it was considered blasphemy for women to even get out of the house, you showed your caliber with Tihar jail reforms when everyone considered it to be a Punishment post, you went to Manipur when extremism was at its peak- by choice, you helped thousands through your philanthropy.

I was 12 or 13 may be when I first heard of you, it was you who inspired me to try for civil services, it was your example that my parents gave to my sisters to show what a strong woman should be like, you have inspired a whole generation of girls, when there were no role models for them to look up to..

The testimonies are unlimited, and so is the respect for you, I am sure still there are lacs of sensible women who look upto you and millions of men who respect you.

Some called you HERO. No, you’re a SHE-RO and this society wants sheroes like you.

Loss or win, you towed or not, you’re CRANE BEDI, The Kiran Bedi.


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