A small dissection on why Modi wore a self named pin-striped suit!

The other day, some one on Quora asked me a question on what I thought about the Modi wearing a suit that supposedly cost him 10 Lac and more over it had Modi’s name pin-striped on the suit.

There was some introspection needed, but the so called secular, progressive and well “Paid” media, jumped on to criticize Modi as a narcissistic personality, show-off and wasting money lavishly.

However being an aspiring political commentator, I had to have my foot on the ground and did some research before dissecting as to why Modi did it? Here’s the answer that I wrote below.

Link to the Question:

Saiprasad Bejgam’s answer to Narendra Modi wore a suit that has the lining of his own name during Obama’s visit to India on Republic Day. What is the view of a commoner here?

Some are excited about him making a “Fashion statement”;

some are excited that they got a chance to criticize him and brand him a “Narcissistic Personality”,


Some aren’t excited at all.

But I am excited for a different reason. I think, I can make an intelligent guess for the question that OP poses in the description, “What the fuck was Modi thinking?”

First thing to be noted is that, the cloth piece was a gift from Italy, and was stitched by Jade Blue.
Source: Pinstripes? Nah, self-stripes

Why would Jade Blue do that? Obviously they’re getting advertisement from the top most leader of the country.

But why the fuck is Modi accepting gifts?

To need to understand that, you’ll have to go back in history to know what he used to do in Gujarat as CM.

He started something called “Kanya Kelavani Nidhi” fund way back in 2003. This fund since then has been used for promoting girls’ education in Gujarat.

He used to receive many gifts from the time his popularity soared, he used to preserve the gifts and auction them at the end of the year. The money that he received from the auction was deposited in this “Kanya Kelavani Nidhi” fund. As his popularity further increased, he even started to charge money for his public appearances like a film celebrity. But all the money earned like this was deposited in this fund.

Close to 90 Crore rupees was collected only from the auctioned gifts that he received.

Obviously, how much difference is it gonna make anyway? Isn’t it?
Well it did make a lot of difference along with a host of measures.

In a decade from 2001-2011, female literacy rate in Gujarat increased by 2.04%, while second best remained a distant 1.3% in Tamil Nadu.

I am sure, you’re not waiting for me to draw conclusions for you here with regard to what he’s gonna do with the suit? I am sure Quora crowd is intelligent, just be patient enough for it go under auction.

By the way, yes, for the inquisitive ones who are going to ask sources for all the information that I shared.

Here are they.

1) Modi deposits 1126 more gifts for auctionsOne India:- A Normal news sharing website.

2) CM’s girl child education fund gets Rs22 cr in donations | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis – DNA India:- A Rightist Newspaper

3) Narendra Modi piles up Rs 23 cr in guest appearances – By Economic times: – A Business Newspaper

4) Auction of Modi’s gift articles gets good response NDTV:- A hardcore leftist TV News channel

5) Modi wins Left icon’s praise over girls education – HT, a Secular,  hardcore Congressi, Centrist newspaper

6) Modi wins Left icon’s praise over girls educationA vernacular, regional TV news channel

7) Modi’s gifts to be auctioned for welfare – The Times of IndiaToI, an entertainment newspaper.

8) http://gujhd.gujarat.gov.in/Portal/News/14_1_full_n_final_salient_new.pdf  : Gujarat Government source

9) http://censusindia.gov.in/2011-prov-results/data_files/india/Final_PPT_2011_chapter6.pdfCentral Govt source.

BTW, did I leave out any other ideology?

Does the mainstream media who were quick to criticize Modi on the issue have some guts to share this or say this on TV?

2 thoughts on “A small dissection on why Modi wore a self named pin-striped suit!

    • Saiprasad Bejgam says:

      Hello Anand,
      I couldn’t find it. Also there are three theories that are doing rounds.
      Some say the cloth piece was from Italy, some say U.K, some say it was totally made in India.


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