Athithi Devo Bhava

Today, I was thinking of the days from my childhood, of the times when a guest was to visit our home. The environment in the home used to suddenly change. My home which otherwise used to be clean and tidy in normal days too. Yet, when a special guests or elderly people were to arrive, we tried to keep it extra clean. I and my brother ensured, no papers, toys are thrown out in the open to be seen at home. On normal days, we used to fight with each other over petty issues, but during the time when guest was at home, we used to be super obedient and good boys.

Plus, my mom used to prepare special dishes for the guest, yummy ones. I am sure you all would have experienced such a hysteria when a guest arrived at your home too. Isn’t it?
It is the value that we all have ingrained over the years in India. For us, Athiti Devo Bhava, Guest is as good as God. So we had to ensure guest didn’t feel uncomfortable till the time he/she was at our home.

But, When the guest was gone, we used to demand our mom to prepare the same special dishes everyday. Did you demand the same with your parents?
We realized it was not practical and reasonable to ask for such a thing, we didn’t have so much capacity in our family to cook special food everyday. Though my dad worked hard, income levels can’t go up over night.

I am sure, most of the middle class
people would resonate with this, isn’t it? But this wasn’t the case with rich families, the rich always used to have their home super tidy and they ate special food everyday.

What am I trying to convey here? Nothing much, I am trying to make you understand the hue and cry that people are making over Govt for installing 15000 cameras for the Obama’s visit to India!

Apart from all this, Obama’s willingness to attend Our Republic day parade and stay four days in India speaks volumes about the India’s increasing presence in the global arena. Make the kids understand the simple things in a simple way please.

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