Question Paper Delivery System (QPDS) – Online Delivery of Question papers.

Karnataka, known for its digital initiatives, has lived up to its name again. The famed VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University), is the university from which I pursued my graduation, has adopted Question Paper Delivery System developed under the patronage of Ministry of HRD for National Mission for Education through Information and Communication Technology.

VTU becomes the first to do so, however it will be done on experimental basis for one semester.

This system has four levels of firewall / security making it mostly tamper proof and supposedly tackles the menace of question paper leakage. It will touted to bring in transparency. Coincidentally, VTU was one of the first universities to have adopted the digital evaluation too.

This not only makes me proud for being from the same university, but also shows the improving state of affairs in India and efforts being taken towards it. I hereby, want to congratulate the team which built this. Hope this becomes sufficiently fool proof.

For the more technical details of the project as to what is QPDS and how it works?, please see below.


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Reference: VTU will experiment with online delivery of question papers this year

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