Govt’s camouflaged trick!

I sense a trick that incumbent Govt is using these days!
Did you sense it too?
Read on.

First# The religious conversions happen under the right wing organizations which are offshoots of RSS, all the show-off seculars, congress- came out and shouted against this, and then Govt suggested bringing in an anti-conversion law.

Congress and others got trapped, they could neither support the anti-conversion law nor they could take back their opposition. If they supported, they would lose the vote bank.

Second# A BJP MP comes up saying every Hindu should have 4 kids to protect Hinduism, though I don’t like it either, and consider it totally a senseless statement, but the trick here is, the opposition won’t support too, they will shout and try to halt Parliament sessions.
Then Govt would come up saying, let us have a law to regulate population explosion, hum do hamare do .. Strictly only 2 kids, now we all know, opposition can’t support the law either, why ? Again loss of vote bank


Slowly all such issues will be made controversial, before finally bringing in a bill for Uniform Civil Code.

I don’t know, if I have to appreciate the trick or condemn it.

Now I’m trapped. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yours Saiprasad.

–” Do or Do, Never Die”

4 thoughts on “Govt’s camouflaged trick!

  1. meenakshi says:

    What I think is that they want to bring the bill. The other relighions to hinduism conversions by bajrang dal, vhp are being carried to bring this bill only so that the forcible conversions of hindus to other religion is stopped which is also carried out in huge number but never comes in news. Getting some more hindus added is a bonus in this process.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Saiprasad Bejgam says:

      Exactly, that is the agenda I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ We will have to wait till they get majority in Rajya Sabha before they bring in the bill.


  2. Sonali says:

    I exactly thought on those lines.
    It seemed strategic. All media did was focused on ghar wapsi. Pseudo seculars got hysterical.
    And the move to introduce anti conversion bill !
    But I have my apprehensions about hum do humare do. Sadhvi has made many other such comments and bjp could possibly severe ties with her.
    But her recent comment on Muslim Hindu marriage raises questions about marriage law.
    Possibly very soon we could see uniform civil code coming.


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