The Blue Rebellion of 1859

March 1859, the ryots(peasants) of Bengal, frustrated with coercive actions of Indigo planters and their lathiyals (lathi wielding strong men of Planters),  as the payment they offered to the ryots did no good to them and they couldn't grow rice after cultivating indigo on the same land, the ryots took to arms and refused to … Continue reading The Blue Rebellion of 1859

Govt’s camouflaged trick!

I sense a trick that incumbent Govt is using these days! Did you sense it too? Read on. First# The religious conversions happen under the right wing organizations which are offshoots of RSS, all the show-off seculars, congress- came out and shouted against this, and then Govt suggested bringing in an anti-conversion law. Congress and … Continue reading Govt’s camouflaged trick!