An inspirational story of a family for this new year.

Once upon a time, there lived a rich, prosperous, and a big extended family, with high moral values, great scientific temper, with a home built from scratch, and became a benchmark for the society. The family was peace loving and didn’t interfere in others’ lives, rather lived with co-operation and co-ordination within and in the neighborhood. There were some minuscule problems in the family, but were to be solved sooner or later.

The family was revered, and was looked upto for the greatness it achieved. All was well, until one unfortunate day – the so called fate, took a drastic U-turn.

A dacoit, in a far off place heard about the riches of this family. He was jealous, he had so little for his own family and this one had so much more to offer to him. He plotted against the family, wanted to seek support from them, but had ill intentions. Slowly and steadily the dacoit earned the trust of this family and got accepted into it, soon after, the chameleon showed his true colors. He created divides among the members of the family, looted it, killed a few, and finally brought the family into shambles. The family that was built over the ages, was tumbled into slump in no time, it all happened quickly, before the family could unitedly counter the venomous dacoit, the damage was done. He gained control over entire family by taking away their wealth and left them to his mercy even for food, though they were poor now, they had taken enough of his oppression, they decided to take action to get rid of him; through concerted efforts they could finally throw him away from their home by hook or crook.

The dacoit left deep scars in the family, the family was now divided, had little resources to sustain, with a dangling sword of poverty on its head, yet, it didn’t lose its hope, the genes and the brilliance which made them rich then, still existed in them. But poverty had taken toll on their kids, they were all brilliant but didn’t have motivation and direction to proceed further.

Like they say – ” for a good person if it doesn’t end well, it is not the end.”

They began their journey towards riches again, they seem to be on the track now but with their share of problems from the jealous neighbors and their erstwhile family members constantly demanding a piece of property from the bigger family. They now also face problems from within the family which are bound to arise out of acute poverty.

Like I mentioned before, the one who had capability and was rich once upon a time, will have in oneself to become rich again, nothing is lost, but a bright future awaits this family. All that family and its memebers need now is patience, and need to put a lot of effort in unison to gain its status and not remain in status quo.

I through this blog would want to wish this family a happy new year and a lot of success in the year ahead and by the way I am proud of being a member of this family and today I take an oath or resolution this day that I’ll do whatever it takes so that my family becomes what it was before and achieve even greater heights.

Note to the readers of my blog:

If you’re wondering what am I referring to here, please read this story again imagining India as the family.

I am sure you’re all part of my extended family, do share with our family members, wherever they are calling for their efforts to get ourselves back on track. Jai Hind.

Yours Saiprasad.

–” Do or Do, Never Die”

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