Why Mahatma Gandhi neither received Bharat Ratna or Nobel Prize?

Bharat Ratna.

There have been number of PILs filed on this regard, and SC summarily rejected all of them, and said giving Bharat Ratna to Mahatma Gandhi would be like undermining him and his contribution. When people with far lesser credibility are given Bharat Ratnas I don’t think Gandhi deserves to stand at par with them. He is above it and deserves a separate place.

A simpler analogy could be, giving a newly constituted class X certificate to a PhD holder.

And when Bharat Ratna was constituted in 1954 it was awarded to the people alive. But later when the rule changed, it was decided that it would undermine Gandhiji’s importance by giving the award now.

Nobel Prize.

Mahatmaji was actually nominated for Nobel peace prize a number of times even before our independence. But his importance was not realized until we got freedom. And in the year 1948 when he was nominated again it was sure that he would get the prize hands down. But few days before the announcement of Nobel prize was finalized, Mahatma was assassinated.

And, it is one of the norm of Nobel Prize that only a living candidate would be awarded the prize. That’s the reason in 1948 The Norwegian Nobel Committee didn’t award anyone Nobel prize as mark of respect to him.

And when Dalai Lama was awarded the prize in 1989, the committee announced that it was in part a tribute to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi.

To date even the Nobel Prize committee considers itself unfortunate and regrets to have not awarded the great man this prize.

He for sure remains above these and a world leader whose principles hold relevance even after 6 decades.

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