The Iron lady of Manipur with undying spirit.


Not sure how many of us know her. Irom Sharmila, fondly called “The Iron lady of Manipur” is a human rights activist, poetess, writer; fighting for the repeal of draconian AFSPA in troubled areas North East where Armed Forces have absolute power to kill anyone without being questioned.


She has been fasting from past 14 years for this, she even was recently arrested on the charges that she was trying to commit suicide through hunger strike.

Thanks to Supreme Court for setting a precedent in favor of democratic protesters. She has been released but still doesn’t eat anything, she’s fed through the nasogastric intubation passing down her windpipe.

Irom Sharmila stands an epitome of bravery, this tough nut woman should be an inspiration to all of us who fail to have the motivation going to achieve even the miniscule of goals in our lives.

I want to salute this lady for her undying spirit, resilience. It’s high time Govt considers to look into the issue, and get her to eat. And also high time the mainstream mass media takes note of this and bring to the larger public’s notice.

We wouldn’t want to lose such a braveheart, isn’t it?

May God bless her with lots of strength.

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