e-Governance Initiative by Karnataka


Karnataka Govt has come up with a “Karnataka MobileOne” App, the first of its kind in India, available in android and iOS. It is also the world’s biggest Govt’s service providing app.

You can now pay bills, address your grievances, Send a Complaint to Police, BBMP, check pending traffic cases of your Vehicle, track your IT returns status, book a Govt patronized Cab service, check out the route and track BMTC buses and many more services at one place.

A Must have App for all those living in Bengaluru.

It is for now, largely limited to urban population of Bengaluru, and has very minor technical glitches, nonetheless, it is a great initiative by Govt, and I am proud of Karnataka for being flag bearer towards Digital India goal. And she has rightly lived upto her tag of being India’s Lagest IT exporter.

Share it across, might come of as an help to many. And I hereby request all the software engineers in here to test thoroughly and report bugs if you come across any so that it could further be refined. Write a review for it on App store.

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