Importance of Stratosphere

Stratosphere could be aptly called the ‘protection blanket’ of Earth. It extends upto 600 kms from the surface of the earth and it is the second layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, right above troposphere.

Stratosphere houses in it the most important layer called Ozone (O3), which acts as an absorber of the harmful UV radiations of the Sun (of about 90%) and there by protecting us from diseases like Cancer, skin burn etc.

Its non-turbulance and stable, non-convection character makes it possible for the jets to cruise easily, hence they are flown here.

When Volcanic eruptions occur, the ejected material reaches as high as Stratosphere and it stays there for long period, as it doesn’t allow the circulation, there by leading to stratifying the volcanic particles and cooling down of the Earth surface.
However, such an important layer is being perforated by us through the extensive use of the chloro-fluro-carbons which happen to destroy the ozone molecules.

There is also an idea which the scientists are considering that could result in the slowing down of the Earth’s heating, i.e., by adding the man-made materials to stratosphere. Though the feasibility of this idea is yet to be verified. Thus, is the importace of the Stratosphere layer. 

Yours Saiprasad.

–” Do or Do, Never Die”

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