Importance of Stratosphere

Stratosphere could be aptly called the 'protection blanket' of Earth. It extends upto 600 kms from the surface of the earth and it is the second layer of the Earth's atmosphere, right above troposphere. Stratosphere houses in it the most important layer called Ozone (O3), which acts as an absorber of the harmful UV radiations of … Continue reading Importance of Stratosphere

The Bhopal Saga –

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy - considered the world's worst industrial disaster happened on December 2-3 midnight at 00:30 in Bhopal's Union Carbide Limitied which was a Pesticide factory. In the incident the harmful gases of Methyl Isocyanite along with Hydrogen cyanide and other reactionary products leaked out of the factory, the leaked gas  has supposedly … Continue reading The Bhopal Saga –