Wow! An Indian gets Nobel Peace Prize – Kailash Satyarthi- Dissection on his life.

I had heard of his name an year or two back in connection with this Bachpan Bachao Andolan as a pass-by reference. However, I didn’t have his name in memory until I  heard today about the news and could recall.
Kailash Satyarthi- this name would have reached every household in India by now.

Many would be pondering who this man is? I am sure he would feature on most searched name for few days atleast.

Many more would be proud for being a fellow Indian for he has won a Nobel Prize, and wouldn’t even care to know to his achievements while they would be posting a status on Facebook for sure.

A few would be ashamed to have not known about him until today.

A few who knew about him would be proud to have known him.

Well keeping aside all these thoughts what we need to know at the first place isWhy did he get the Nobel Prize?

 Satyarthi would not have needed to struggle for this cause if India had ensured that the fundamental rights codified in the Constitution were enforced uniformly, (Article 24 of Indian Constitution) so that children’s rights would be protected. If the Child Labor Prohibition Act passed 1986 was enforced correctly.
Look at these stats.
  1. 1.4 Crore children die before they reach the age of 5.
  2. 46% children are breast-fed for less than six months.
  3.  29% do not have access to iodized salt.
  4. Millions of children haven’t received proper immunization.
  5.  40% drop out from schools before they reach the eighth grade.

He worked for these kids.

  1.  who polish shoes at the roadsides.
  2. who Sing Bollywood Songs to get some coins from us;
  3. who rush to bring us tea at tea-stalls on highways;
  4. who perform cruel acrobatic stunts in the open to attract our attention and gain our sympathy;
  5. who work as errand-boys for shops and trades; weave our carpets; stitch our clothes;
  6. who carry the dhobi’s laundry;
  7. trafficked for sexual gratification;
  8. sweep our floors and wipe our kitchen sinks; and too often die in horrendous road and rail accidents.
He worked for all of them. He worked to reduce those numbers in a big way. He worked for those kids to have a future like ours.
Now that Mr. Satyarthi has won the Nobel Prize. The right way to honour Satyarthi is by our taking steps
  1.  To send all those kids from the roadside go to school,
  2. get to eat nourishing meals,
  3. Come out of poverty, exploitation,
  4. Get Proper Education.
  5. Live a life like all of us who have access to everything we wished for yet we are not happy about many things in life and complain.
Here is a small dissection of his life.Kailash Satyarthi from the age of 26 has been a savior of thousands of kids from the strangles of the menaces of Child Labor, Bonded Labor etc. Gave them a new life through his Bachpan-Bachao Andolan (Save Childhood Movement)

Many of the NGOs must have been doing this today, what’s the big deal you might ask?

It is a big deal, because he gave up his career for all this, because he fought against this when the slavery was still at its peak in India and many a kids were forced into slavery by powerful and corrupt business owners. And neither Govt cared nor the Police did as strictly as they do now. And there was hardly any presence of NGOs.
He started the movement from grassroots. He risked a lot with his daring stunts.  He raided on factories which were guarded by armed men where they held kids and their families as bonded laborers.He rescued 80,000 children from the flagellum of child trafficking and not just that he provided them rehabilitation to the kids to grow up and secure a bright future through education programs.

More about him here. Kailash Satyarthi

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