Hema Malini’s comment on Vrindavan’s Widows- What better she could have done?

This in the context of the statement of Hema Malini, please see these links.

1) Widows from other states should not crowd Mathura: Hema Malini – The Times of India

2) All states must keep their widows : Hema Malini

Below is my opinion.

I felt offended.

I’m not sure about how fellow women, or the widows of the Vrindavan felt, but I felt offended. When I read this piece of article a week back, the first thing that came to my mind was the statement of a Shivsena leader accusing people from UP and Bihar for flocking in Mumbai and affecting the local inhabitants.

If we take this statement prima facie, both of them meant the same more  or less. 

However, Hema Malini came back clarifying on what she meant. But in the position that she has occupied she could have chosen a better way of expressing her concern for widows. Being a MP from the ruling party she had many ways to solve their problems.

Now that all of  it has happened, lets see what better she could have done?

  1. She could have contacted and discussed the problems that Vrindavan’s  widow women are facing with the Hon’ble Minister of ‘Ministry of Women and Child Development’  – Mrs. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, who herself is a widow and she could have understood the plight of the widow women and could have come up with a workable solution to the issue.
  2. Under the well chalked out Swadhar Scheme which is for the Women in difficult circumstances which aims to provide primary need of shelter, food, clothing and care, there is a provision for the Assistance for construction of buildings (Swadhar Centre). There is even provision to grant the Rent for the shelter and assistance for the management of the Centre. There is a Provision for food, shelter and clothing for the women and their children as well below the age of 18 years
  3. Under the same Swadhar Scheme there are as many as 320 Swadhar Homes for Women in India (including all the states) with each one having capacity of 50 or more. They could have conveniently moved women if the Vrindavan was seen to be over crowded.
  4. If the need be they could have easily gone for the construction of such a house on a large scale to help the women at a single place, and could have sought the support of private firms under their CSR program instead of doing the talking.
  5. If taking help from corporate was not feasible, the Budgetary allocation for the Women Welfare was as much as 310 Cr in the recent one, which I think is self sufficient if properly channelized.

Feel free to comment if I have missed out on any point that could have been made,

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