Implications of #JayaVerdict, Can she appeal against it? Here’s the story.

It began with the complaint of Subramanian Swamy as usual 18 years ago, for illegally possessing Disproportionate assets worth 66.5 Cr. This hearing was delayed, transferred from one court to other to ensure fair trial after the point was raised by a DMK leader and after all the ruckus of 18 years, she has been convicted and jailed for 4 years and a fine of 100 Cr under the section 13(1)(e) of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. But unfortunately this was just a Special court, she has the right to appeal to the higher judiciary.

Last year People’s Representation act was amended , Section 8 (4) gave the convicted three-month period for filing appeal to the higher court and to get a stay of the conviction and sentence. But it was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. By the virtue of it, now that she has been convicted, she will lose the status of MLA and chief minister-ship and will be immediately disqualified from holding membership of the House without being given three months’ time for appeal, as was the case before. If the conviction is upheld in the higher court, she will even lose the qualification to contest elections until 6 years after the term is served. Post that she may be qualified.

 When she was convicted last time, Mr. Paneerselvam had become CM, I think now he will again take the charge. Assembly will remain intact however Cabinet may be reformed under the new CM.

Now that term of conviction is more than three years, she will be taken into custody, and in order to seek suspension of prison term she has to appeal to higher court. But until then she will be put in prison.

The DA which she held will now be auctioned.

I think elections are due in 2016 in Tamilnadu, and AIADMK will face tough challenge to come to power again. Meanwhile in Tamilnadu, a lot of protests, bandhs and fights between DMK and AIADMK will take place, and the situation will be like in the NAYAK Movie of Anil Kapoor.

“busein jalti hain to jalne do, log chillate hain toh chillaane do, pehle chillaenge, phir thak jayenge aur phir bhooljayenge”

And meanwhile in rest of India with Amma going to jail, didi, dadi, baap-bete, behenji, bhaiya, lalu chacha, Italian aunty, pappu etc., will all be worried about what happened.

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