Will India stick to NAM, even if the US asks India to join fight against IS?

The story begins from Barack Obama calling the newly elect NaMo and wished him and invited him to Washington to discuss and strengthen the US-India strategic partnership

The Strategic partnership is the key word here and crucially we shouldn’t miss the significance of this keyword as we all know the U.S is very very diligent and sensitive about what it speaks.

So what does strategic partnership mean?

Wikipedia defines strategic relationship as below

strategic partnership is a formal alliance between two commercial enterprises, usually formalized by one or more business contracts but falls short of forming a legal partnership or, agency, or corporate affiliate relationship.

So it is highly unlikely that it would involve the discussions related to IS.

The US wants bilateral trade of $500bn a year, up from about $100bn currently. So the priority would be it, it would definitely  revolve around economics only.

Given the current world political scenario, there is a good chance of the U.S asking NaMo to join the fight against IS. What would Modi opt then? Will it be ideology or pragmatism? Or perhaps a clever blending of both, like his campaign rhetoric, using language effectively to please or persuade? 

So far he did the same in Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, and China as well. 

NaMo’s ambition to rise – not only on an Indian stage, but on a world stage – that drives him, he will discipline and restrain totally from being idealistic and follow NAM. And as long as his driving force is the desire to reshape India and be remembered as the greatest prime minister since Jawaharlal Nehru, I think we will see a more pragmatic Modi.

But can we be sure? I don’t think so.

After all Modi is kind of person who thinks more of protecting the heritage and culture of India as well. Given that India was never about warmongering, so he might take an ideological stand and advocate NAM as well.

But we are undergoing rapid social, political and cultural change, there are too many possibilities for us to be overly optimistic.  He is Gujrati, a born businessman, with business in his blood, he will definitely be rhetoric and do what is practical as long as it is in India’s interest.

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