Pratibha Patil- a forgettable former president of India.

Disclaimer: Excerpts from various sources on the web.

Hello All,

We all know that there was a lot of opposition when Ms. Pratibha Patil was to become President of India; however the hatred and disrespect grew manifolds when she finished her tenure.

Did you wonder why as there was not much to be seen in media against here, except for a few posts here and there?

May be you could have heard of inactivity when she was in post, as an exercise to my mind I was thinking what she has done when she was in the post, believe me I couldn’t recollect a single good deed of hers. Then I got intrigued to know more about the former President of India who succeeded a man who was a mass hero, great scientist and above all an amazing human being.

Here are the shocking revelations that I find out. Sharing those findings, so that my fellow Indians get to know what kind of person madame Sonia Gandhi nominated to this honorable post.

  1. 205 crore worth foreign trips: Ms. Patil used tax payers’ money to take useless foreign trips with her grandchildren. When they are on travel, Presidents are supposed to meet foreign dignitaries and improve diplomatic relationships & cultural exchange. In her foreign trips, her huge extended family travels at taxpayer’s expense to tourist spots. 22 trips and $40 million in travel expenses. (Amounts to 205 crores in INR). Even when she traveled in India, she seemed to like beaches more than people.
  1. Mercy Overdrive: Ms Pratibha Patil pardoned over 35 convicts on a death row – with no real justification. These included a few brutal child rapists. http://articles.timesofindia.ind…
  2. Making War-widows homeless: She has allegedly misused Indian government’s money to build a mansion on a 260,000 sq.ft plot, in a land belonging to war widows. This act (of using government money to build a retirement home post-Presidency) was unprecedented.
  3. A Salary hike anyone in corporate world fantasizes of: She announced herself a self-appraisal of 300% Salary hike as well as vice-president.
  1. Pratibha Patil as a Cook & Utensil Washer: In no uncertain words, Pratibha Patil cooked and washed utensils at Indira Gandhi’s house. A cook of good repute, she impressed Indira Gandhi preparing her favorite Maharashtrian delicacies such as the Puran Poli.…
  1. Chit-Fund Scam: Indira Gandhi was so impressed with Pratibha Patil’s cooking skills that she gifted the license to open Chit-Funds across Amravati. Pratibha Patil & Family started the loot by siphoning out lakhs of rupees of poor farmers in the name of brighter and secure future by opening fraudulent savings institutions across Amravati and Akola. If rumors are to be believed, there is NOT a single family, in that region, which Pratibha Patil & Family have not looted.
  1. Tsunami Relief Scam: Pratibha Patil, along with her brother GN Patil, collected 1,89,105 rupees for the Tsunami Relief to be given to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund but did NOT deposit it to the said account.
  1. Pratibha Patil Felicitation Scam: In 2004, her brother GN Patil, with backing from Pratibha Patil, as a nominated President of District Congress Committee collected substantial amount on pretext of felicitating his sister Pratibha Patil on her appointment as Governor of Rajasthan. However, he did NOT give any account of the money that was collected.
  1. Sports Non-Supporter: A former table-tennis champion, Pratibha Patil did NOTHING to encourage sports in India. Unlike her predecessor, APJ Abdul Kalam, who actively traveled and gave lectures on science throughout India. The least she could have done was encourage table tennis in schools.
  1. Vishram Patil Murder Case: Pratibha Patil is accused of shielding her brother, G. N. Patil in the murder of Vishram Patil case. In 2005, Vishram Patil defeated G. N. Patil, by 13 votes, in an election to be the President of the District Congress Committee of Jalgaon. Patil was murdered near his house in broad daylight.…
  1. Mulshi Land Scam: With Pratibha Patil at the helm, her Pune-based daughter Jyoti Rathore was allotted commercially attractive plots of land by the Maharashtra government for her trusts. The two plots with high commercial potential were allotted in village Jambhe in Mulshi taluka, within five km off the Mumbai-Pune expressway and the IT Park at Hinjewadi. Rathore’s Maharashtra Mahila Udyam Trust had to pay just Rs 6.72 lakh to the government for the 7.93 hectare plot with an estimated market value of Rs 19 crore.
  1. Who’s 1 Crore is it anyway: In February, president Patil’s son and Congress MLA Raosaheb Shekhawat was interrogated by the Amravati police in connection with the seizure of Rs 1 crore in hard currency from a car coming from Nagpur. The money was hidden in the luggage compartment of the car. Shekhawat explained it as “party funds” meant for distribution to poor Congress candidates ahead of the civic polls on 16 February.

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