Hello There!

How are you? Hope everything’s great on your side of the sun.

Here’s a little information about this blog.

The name of the blog: I am being honest here. It doesn’t signify anything as such. I found it to be catchy and available, so cashed in.

Why this Blog?

I am preparing for civil services, and in my preparation journey, I am getting to learn new things. And I have always been expressive, outspoken, I thought I could get a blog and post the things I learn for the fellow Indian who are the curious minds wanting to know more about the political and socioeconomic scenario of India.

There is a lot of disconnect in the youth of today about the issues plaguing India especially those in the technology domain, I hoped I could express some of them through this platform.

(Note: I am no expert, just a fellow learner like you, and open to criticism)

What I will be blogging about?

There will be Editorials. In the process, I am going to touch upon a vast range of topics,

so on so forth, hoping that they will enrich my knowledge and your knowledge as well.

While you’re reading the content,  if you wish to correct me or suggest me something, please do so in the comment section or write to me here, and if you like the content, do follow the blog, share.

Let us help each other, and have fruitful and engaging discussions.

I know this has become lengthy already for a typical welcome page, but, I am talkative, and sometimes I go overboard.

Anyways, keep coming back.

Meanwhile, if you would want to know and connect with me. Please add me here  My Profile