Hello There!

Do or Do, Never Die is the spirit I embody.

I come from a region which is called backward in a developing country. There was deprivation everywhere around me. So, I grew up with a penchant towards public service and wanting to influence a change and be a change agent from inside the government.

The circumstances lit a passion in me for public service but entering Civil Services in India is a herculean task, especially for someone from the so called General Merit grouping. The competition is cut-throat.

I pursued the dream sincerely for 4 years to get into IAS. I couldn’t, but as they say, aim for the moon, if you miss you will at least hit a star. The efforts yielded a fruit on 23rd December 2019. The never die spirit helped me get through Revenue Services in Karnataka, instead. I secured 19th Rank in the state and got selected for the post of Assistant Commissioner for Commercial Taxes.

Not my dream job yet, but I am half way there. I am onto preparing for Indian Administrative Services now. I did it while I was working with Societe Generale Global solution Center , a French firm operating from Bangalore, India as a Specialist System engineer. I have studied Computer science Engineering for graduation.

Apart from Public Service, my interests include History, Psychology, and the Law. I also try to write when I get a chance. If you have any assignments for writing articles on public administration and Indian Polity, do message me. I’d love to pursue an opportunity to pen for blogs and newspapers..

I have also been previously associated with with many prestigious civil services training institutes such as Vajiram and Ravi, Unacademy, ForumIAS, InsightsonIndia, Prep Academy, UPSC Summaries among others – creating content for them in freelance capacity.

This platform serves as a conduit for me to express my opinion about some of the most important issues and incidentally make this a portfolio for my Freelancing Career.

While you’re reading the content, if you wish to correct me or suggest me something, please do so in the comment section.

Write to me here, if you like the content and want to engage me as a content provider.

Thank you for reading.