Hello There!

How are you? Hope everything’s great on your side of the sun.

I am Sai Prasad, a Freelance writer based in Bengaluru, India. I have been associated with many prestigious civil services training institutes such as Vajiram and Ravi, Unacademy, ForumIAS, InsightsonIndia among others – creating content for them in freelance capacity.

As a part of my preparation for civil services, I have learnt a lot of new things, especially about the political and socioeconomic scenario of India.

I believe, there is a lot of disconnect in the Indian youth of today about the real issues plaguing our country and instead misinformation is spread and non-issues are highlighted and turned into controversies.

This platform serves as a conduit for me to express my opinion about some of the most important  issues and incidentally make this a portfolio for my Freelancing Career.

While you’re reading the content,  if you wish to correct me or suggest me something, please do so in the comment section.

Write to me here, and if you like the content and want to engage me as a content provider.

Let us help each other, and have fruitful and engaging discussions.